irish cream in my coffee.

i heart saturday mornings. rolling out of bed without alarm around 9am, throwing on lululemon pants and one of my disney t-shirts, grinding coffee beans as the eggs poach and the toast pops from the toaster. An endless supply of morning cartoons to pick from. Whether it be Rocky & Bullwinke or Scooby Doo. In these moments, I re-charge… These are the moments where all the drama and stress from the week dissipates.

I find that I have been pondering about life a lot these past few days, after once again getting news of how our bodies are not invincible, as much as we wish they were. Reminded that even if we think were healthy, we may not actually be. That a moment can change everything we think we know.

With her disgnosis and my scare last year puts me at a higher risk, of facing it myself one day. This thought alone makes me question everything pertaining my body. What can i control? What cant i control? What do i need to change in how i live my life to make sure my body is in stellar condition? And yes i understand that even people doing everything right still get sick, its rather giving it the best possible chance to survival.

Also that dreams are good but not when you get stuck in them, when all your time goes into them. life has a tendency to pass by when when your trying to be something or get somewhere, rather than fully enjoying the moments put in front of you. so learn to let yourself take that time off to take that mini roadtrip or that few hours to hit that family bunch… Its more likely to help you, than harm you…

I think people have tendency to forget how to be truly happy. To understand what makes them happy and to cherish it. To take the time to have these moments. We’re always in a hurry. Always trying to get the most things done in the quickiest time possible. Im guilty of that, thats for sure. I want to slow down, but will the rest of the world let me do that?

I battle with the fact i dont want to be ordinary… im rather discontent with where i am right now.

Change is needed in my life.
To what extent is un-determined still.

If only I could just get lost in the woods right now…

irish cream in my coffee.

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