dancing in the rain, soaking wet…

do you ever feel like you have soo much going on that you have no idea whether your coming or going?? thats me right now….

this last week has left my head spinning and my body feeling like its running this constant marathon, yet i feel like im getting nothing done. running in circles. i dont feel like i have time for anything that normally fills my regular routine. actually really miss running. making a decent dinner. a chance to breathe.

life has been chaotic since mom found out she has cancer 3 weeks ago…
as im sure it is for anyone dealing with this nasty disease. the whole world flips yet stays exactly the same. news like that always takes you back to whats truly important. i’ll admit i’ve been a tad more irritable towards things that dont normally bother me, the ‘is it really that important’ frivolous happenings or comments.

yesterday was her surgery. very long and draining day. doctors went in hopeful that they would be able to remove most, if not all the cancer. tumor ended up being larger than they expected. the 4 hour surgery went well and mom is doing well; a lot of rest and pain medication. in a few days they will attempt small walks with her. she destined to be at the hospital for the next week or so. glad that this step is over and done with but as always, we wait for news… news that they got all the cancer and she’s on her way to being cleared or the news that would put treatment options front and center. please no chemo. Another week to wait for that news….

Spirits are positive.
I think we’re all waiting for life to go back to normal.
Back to the way it was, well as much as it could be after this experience.

If only the weekend was here sooner.

dancing in the rain, soaking wet…

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