day one is over.

i never got to any of the doctor appointments or information sessions before today. i was stuck at work and there was always people willing to go with her. mainly my dad and my ‘aunt’ – my mom’s best friend thats been around as i can remember aka ‘the second mom’. i walked into the hospital today blind. no idea what to expect. sort of a daunting feeling and most likely why my stomach was the way it was the last few days. Worried?! Worried of a bad reaction to the chemo meds or evil, cranky nurses that would be mean to my mom. Whether or not the worries were realistic or justified, they were there.

as I dreaded this day. mom was happy that it was here. the sooner it begins the sooner it ends. she’s upbeat. even the joke of last night’s dinner was her future ‘chemo anger’, the doctors told her she would be more prone to anger with the treatments. not sure whether from the meds or just the toll of the whole situation. i dont blame her. heck im not even the patient and im exhausted. no one deserves to go through this. being in the cancer center, makes you realize how many are affected by this diease. the waiting room for the day-patient chemotherapy unit was packed. most of which you would never assume they had cancer. but then again, isnt that how it always is.

the center has a calming effect, perfect for what it deals with. Well-Organized and Cheerful. Volunteers roam the treatment unit looking to help or provide families with what ever is needed. i dont think ive ever been asked so many times if i wanted juice, coffee or cookies in the five and a half hours we were there. they make things quite comfortable there for all involved. the nurses are fabulous and gracious, even when laughing at everything mom had brought with her. even i think it was tad much for an afternoon stay but this is my mom we are talking about. always over-prepared for everything. but it made her happy and thats all that matters.

pretty much a waiting game once the IV is inserted… starting off with a bag of sugar water, then a bag of certain vitmains to help off-set some of the effects of the drugs… then 3 different bags of chemo… in between each there is a 15-minute flush. Mom seemed to just lay there, half asleep at times. before we knew it, it was time to get ready to head home. long yet quick stay.

she still remains on a chemo drip for the next 2 days at home, with what they call a ‘baby bottle’ in a fanny pack… she goes back on thursday to get it removed and cleaned.

we came to her place to rented movies and pizza. no will to cook or to do much else. rather a good end to a long day.

all in all the day was better then i thought it would be. drained but happy. happy to know the process. happy to know that everyone there is great. that my mom is in great hands. and that soon enough this will be all over and done with.

day one is over.

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