everyone has a purpose.

a firm believer that everyone that comes in and out our lives has a purpose…

sometimes they bring heartbreaking situations.
some will make us question everything about ourselves.
some remind us of just how easy it is to laugh and be happy.
some teach us of who we don’t want to be.
some show us that any dream is possible.

i think people often forget how much power they have on other people’s lives.
we choose to be an awesome cheerleader or a ‘debbie downer’ to those around us.
we choose how to react to others successes, failures and mistakes.
do you give the pep talk or do you ridicule?

i haven’t always made the best decisions but I hope people look at me and see someone that adds some sort of quality/substance to their life.
that I’m able to inspire just like many of my friends with their talents, passions and love for life.

at the end of the day, I hope to remain a positive influence and that people can come to me and feel good in doing so. that in a friends darker moments they would come find me for comfort and support. that my advice would help them.

because we all need that someone in our lives, to ‘spaz’ dance with over fantastic moments and to pass the chocolate ice cream when the not so awesome happens.

no one is perfect.
and sometimes people are just looking for support.

i hope you, as well, strive to be this person to those around you, regardless of who they are.

everyone has a purpose.

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