all i want for christmas…

March 31, 2010 was the day we found out, that she had cancer.
Funny, it can be laughed upon now, how she told me as I was driving her home from the hospital…

Note. Do Not Tell Someone Life Changing News While They Are Driving. Tears & Confusion May Cause Accident. (luckily did not happen)

Stage Three Colon Cancer.
It had started to spread into her lymp notes.

2 surgeries.
6 months of Chemotherapy
A million and one doctor appointments.
A spirit beaten, not broken.

Tomorrow brings us 10 days before Christmas and a meeting with the doctors, that will have an answer to this:

How affective was Chemotherapy…
What the next step is…

Truthfully, I’m completely anxious over what could happen.
I’m trying to not let myself think of the ‘what ifs’, scary thoughts of treatment not being effective…

All I want is this to be over for my mom, who for the first time in my life I watched struggle. the physical and emotional effects of everything have taken its toll on this incredibly strong lady, who has given soo much to others over the years.

Please let tomorrow be the beginning of Cancer-Free!

all i want for christmas…

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