finally learning…


Growing up, I hated my body.
I was awkward with no self-confidence.
i was horribly shy.

your typical teenage girl who hated how she was.
not skinny enough.
not pretty enough.
not smart enough.
not fast enough.

I have mass amounts of freckles.
truly irish blood.
i dont tan, i stay white and freckle.
I hated them.
I hated that they made me different from everyone else.

Its been a long journey to accept my body and what i consider its ‘flaws’.

is it perfect? nope.
but i can proudly say i can keep with the boys.
that i look good on a surfboard
and i enjoy beer, grilled cheese sandwiches and sour patch kids.

at 26, im healthy and happy.
and thats all im asking for.

IMG_2041          100MEDIA_IMAG1147

finally learning…

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