why ‘captured’?

More often than not, I’m the girl ALWAYS taking a photo… whether it be with one of my DSLRs or my Andriod for Instagram. Yes, I’m that annoying girl that will rearrange their food to take a photo before even considering eating it. It may bother you but it’s normal/natural for me. I’m the girl that jumps into her car, fills up with gas and drives just to get lost to take photographs. The girl that would freeze her fingers off or climb a fence in flip-flops to get the perfect shot. A camera is like a limb. My creative outlet.

I feel blessed to be able to have a business as a photographer. It still baffles me that people want to pay me for something I love to do.

                                                        54242_548373755179175_50576690_o   _MG_1017

Captured is a way of life for me. Photography is life. My Happiness.

               IMG_4830 _MG_3781orig -1-2

why ‘captured’?

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