I love my family, friends, being barefoot, sunflowers, almond milk americanos, bright coloured sticky notes, drinking tea, dancing, movies on cold days, traveling, the smell of campfire, polka dots, hockey, cooking & baking, the color purple, my Andriod, nail polish, collecting coffee mugs, mud puddles, getting mail, sour patch kids, thunderstorms, the fast lane on the highway, photos that make me swoon and people who prove that anything is possible.

I believe that laughter heals, dance parties in the car are required, curiosity will always lead to new adventures, men should open doors, women should smile more, children deserve inspiration, beauty is everywhere, giving is the best medicine for your heart and passion is the key to life.
I have made mistakes, struggled, learnt from experiences, worked hard, succeed and taken thousands of photographs.
I learnt that it’s ok to not to have every answer, take time for myself, let go of negative people, eat popcorn for dinner, not give my business all my hours and not keep up with any popular tv shows these days.
I want to make a difference.

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