This is your life, do what you love…

Some days you need a punch in the gut, a moment where you feel completely defeated… the realization that all your dedication may not get you to where you dream of. The harsh reality that hard work and loyalty, despite all of childhood lessons, doesn’t mean you’re valued as much as you think you are.

I had a meltdown the other day. Tears.

And as how horrible as it was, it was what I needed… As a friend put it, I found myself in a un-healthy ‘marriage’. I was giving way more than it was giving back. I was so worried about not doing enough to impress, I lost the ability to step away… failing to see the amount of extra hours put in or the initiative for projects that weren’t my responsibility.

We live in this society where we value success and because of that, we let it define us… We forget that less money on a pay cheque only means less luxury in our day to day life. We become attached to our smartphones to have a immediate replies to issues that arise before/after duty calls. We lose sleep over pending targets, deadlines and unhappy clients. We live on caffeine and only eat when we remember to. Lunchtime is at 4pm, right? :/

Just like anyone else, I want money in the bank and the ability to travel.

But watch what the sacrifices are… I realized that stress I was causing myself came with a price I couldn’t afford. I was losing sight of what makes me the happiest for something that didn’t mean all that much to what was in my heart.

A work in progress (with some struggles)… but detoxing from this way of life has already lead me to breathe a little easier.

After this realization, my advice to you and myself… ‘Work to Live, Not Live to Work’


This is your life, do what you love…

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