I am a #SCMForeRunner…

Despite planning on running a Half Marathon in 2013, I was never able to. Every time I felt confident in my knee and it’s abilities, it would act up. Of course, right? My battle with my knee injury has been frustrating, especially after re-injuring it 13 months ago. I ran numerous 5K and 10K races last year, slowly strengthening the recovering limb and learning more about mental battle of being patient. Admittedly, I’m a tad competitive. I hated my race times, but knew that my knee was more valuable that a time on a webpage.

I vowed that 2014 would be the year I succeed in running a 21.1K race. As much as I fear that my battle with my knee will keep me from achieving this, it’s time to find the right team and program to get me where I want to be. I can’t cross off a Full Marathon on my bucket list without this adventure.

The Centaur Subaru 21.1K will be my first Half Marathon and I’m a #SCMForeRUNNER.

I feel honored to join a group of runners that were invited by the Calgary Marathon Society to share their experiences and to help inspire others to tie up the laces on their running shoes with us on June 1st. These runners are amazing people. Most of them have already inspired me. They love running; aren’t afraid to show it and are soo excited to be a part of the Calgary running community.

You can meet them all here and keep up with their journeys: http://calgarymarathon.com/contests–promos/forerunners.html

As for me, just keep an eye here… I will try not to make every post about running/training, but  *warning* there will be a lot of it. And just maybe, I’ll be able to convince you to join us on race day… even if it’s for the 5K. We want to see your smiling face at the finish line, proudly showing off that shiny new medal.


Let the adventure begin…

I am a #SCMForeRunner…

10 thoughts on “I am a #SCMForeRunner…

  1. AWESOME! Have you done the half in Calgary before? I loved it last year…and the medal too. If i wasn’t so drawn to do the Full this year i would have been doin the half! This is gonna be FUN!!

    1. Tina, this will be the first Half ever… and it’s about time. Ha. I ran the Jugo Juice 10K last year and loved the whole event. I want the Full so bad, but one step at a time! I can’t wait to meet you all on the 15th! Looking forward to the next 5 months!

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