The three weeks that flew by…

I swear I’ve sat down with the laptop on the couch multiple times and struggled to put words together, something that didn’t sound like a scattered mess… but I’m biting the bullet and letting it be what it is because it’s been a whirlwind since I last wrote.

We officially launched the #SCMForeRunners on January 1st, which has since provided a few opportunities to meet the rest of the members of the team. We handled out run gear at the Marathon Route Reveal and landed on BT Calgary promoting all things Calgary Marathon. (Tina and I even provided an entertaining snowshoe crash… Ha). We’ve ran together and planning to attempt a Yeti race next month (racing in snowshoes – life is an adventure). Here’s to new friends that love to run…




Truly blessed in the surge of inquires and bookings for my photography recently, I feel honored and humbled by the fact that people support what I love. From consultations, new contracts and location scouting… this is what makes me tick.


The family spent some time in Banff…



I recently had a reminder that you must always be good to yourself… To be mindful of signs that your body may be not be 100%, I landed in Urgent Care. Numerous tests and no answers as to why I couldn’t keep my balance, why a portion of my body felt numb, why the constant headaches or why I keep having these scary spells. On Saturday, at age 29, they were testing motor abilities in fear of a stroke.

But here’s the thing… I eat well, run regularly, never smoked, rarely drink and sleep enough. Stress levels probably could be a little better but I’m doing my best to follow what they say to do. As I’m writing this blog post, I’m attached to a 24-hour holter heart monitor.

Please go to your doctor and get your annual exam. Get blood work done. See what you are lacking or need to cut back on. Be honest with yourself. Learn and understand your body.

Give your body every chance to be as healthy as it can be!


The three weeks that flew by…

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