Slowly finding some balance…

A coffee delivery from a good friend on a day that had no alarms and no plans… perhaps a few client emails to send but it’s 1:00pm and I’m still in PJs. The 2 year old lab/greyhound mix is playfully chewing on her favourite orange ball, hoping I’ll throw it into kitchen so she can chase after it. ‘He’s Just Not That Into You’ is on the W Network (who doesn’t love Drew Barrymore?!). Researching for another travel adventure, something truly focused on being in nature and completely away from this busy life of mine.

As much as I hate to say it, these mornings have been a rarity lately… like many of the people I know who are trying to be all they can be, they struggle to find the right balance. I’ve become the person that feels guilty about not being productive; not moving forward or making progress. This fact bothers me because I don’t know when I allowed that to happen.

As I left the Cardiologist’s office yesterday, I pondered what led me to need one… Was it something I had caused? Was it something I didn’t have any control over? All I knew was… I had to take as a loud and scary sign that I needed to re-evaluate priorities.

Over a lunch of gluten-free pancakes with cinnamon and almond butter (yes, I’m one of those. although I do have an occasional run in with a piece of garlic toast), I vowed to start making changes…

Starting with deleting a bunch of various apps, such as Facebook and WhatsApp from my Android – Twitter & Instagram do still remain because I feel like they actually benefit me. Knowledge, inspiration and engagement with amazing people. I fell out of love with Facebook last year since I find it fails to keep me inspired. I do post to keep people to updated and maintain multiple pages for business and non-profit.

The deletions were to streamline how I am accessible to the world, it’s insane how many email addresses/social apps that I have acquired over the years. You can only get a hold of me in a few ways rather than a million… only phone, text, 2 email accounts & Twitter now.

The next step – I spent most of yesterday away from my phone and this will be something I do more of… DISCONNECTING. Something that seems to be challenging for most younger people these days; We’ve come to expect everything to be instant and it’s probably making life feel more hectic than it ever has been before – We are always ‘on duty’ and I don’t think we even realize how much it can consume us!

Fast forward 7 hours and few movies/Sex and the City episodes later, I had the day I was desperately needing. I did nothing but hang out with the dog on the couch. Well I did shower at one point, ventured out to grab some items for dinner and wrote this post.

As I end this day, I hope you find days like these for yourself… a break from the chaos that society has declared a ‘successful’ life. A moment to breathe. A chance to re-charge. If you have a busy calendar, schedule these days! I think we forget in the attempt to achieve our goals how important our balance is, because what are our goals if we aren’t in the position to enjoy them?

I don’t think they are much of anything then…


Slowly finding some balance…

4 thoughts on “Slowly finding some balance…

  1. I think it’s something we should all strive for in this hectic, fast-paced world we live in. It seems that the more time passes, the faster we want things, and we schedule every minute of every day. Congrats on being able to just relax and focus on the things that bring joy and happiness into your life. We should all take note of this page in your playbook – it’s a time tested classic that needs to come back into focus.

  2. Nicely said. I struggle with feeling guilty about not being productive enough too. It’s a sad reality that life and people have become so reliant on technology and constant stimulation. I too am trying to unplug. I hope you continue to find the balance and take care of you!

  3. finefettlefrets says:

    I’m not sure if it’s the time of year, but I’m feeling the same way. A change in routine is more difficult than I thought. Good for you for carving out the time, and unplugging, chillaxing and allowing yourself some much needed down time. Without it, we can’t function. Hey… You made me smile: I’m “one of those” too!

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