45 minutes to paradise… somewhere to breathe.

No need to be at the office and yet, I have a bunch of work to do… a recent spike in shoots has left me with editing galore. As I rolled out of bed and looked out the window to a seemingly rare (lately) beautiful day, I cringed at the thought of a day in the house. I debating putting off editing for another day, to take a personal day that I’m trying to give myself more of. But in my true fashion, I knew I would regret not being productive.

Advice came from a friend via text message… ‘go find a patio and take your laptop’.

Where did I want to go? Where would I spend my day if I didn’t have a care in the world? I jumped into the car, grabbed a decaf coffee and headed for the mountains.

45 minutes later, I rolled into Canmore. A town that is a little less prone to tourism that Banff is accustomed to. I grabbed the 7D and wandered, finding a place to sit rear a creek. As I sat there, I was grateful for my friend’s advice and felt blessed that this amazing space is close enough to escape to. Surrounded by the calm, it always sinks into my soul.  The mountains are where I feel my best. The place where I feel the closest to my proper being: it grounds me to my core.


The wind made it too cold to sit outside and work, so sat cross legged on a lounge chair against the window in Good Earth. A cheese scone and a decaf almond milk latte as a treat. As Coldplay played through the speakers, I made progress with the shoots that scheduled for delivery next week. I watched people stream through the cafe, I envy the people that making living out here work. I’ve always been drawn to the small town feel. I think growing up in a major city makes you crave it.


Today has been exactly what I needed. I needed out of the city.

I needed to get away from life, yet still be productive. This is what work/life balance feels like. Content.


(and of course, who doesn’t go to the candy store when visiting the mountains…)

45 minutes to paradise… somewhere to breathe.

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