Cheers to sunny days and no alarms!

It’s amazing what a little downtime can do… 7 days of no office… just friends, sundresses and sunshine. No sense of urgency over anything. Volunteering. Homemade Tacos. Slurpees. Lake Adventures. Paddle Boarding. Ice Cream from Mackay’s in Cochrane.

I’m feeling less like a Type A robot, and more like the low-key girl I use to know… you know the one that would rather be barefoot, eating watermelon and chilling at the lake. Refreshed and completely inspired for new adventures.

And despite sitting here working on the desktop this afteroon, clearing CF cards for another wedding this weekend… I am so content. 2014 seemed to come with a lot of stress but with being half way through the year, a good amount of successes have come as well.

Heck… I ran a half marathon (21 crazy kilometers) in a better time than expected, I work with a photographer that I’ve admired for years basically every wekend (Cassie, you are magic!) and couldn’t be more grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way this year!


This is exactly what I needed. I wouldn’t have changed anything, well, maybe make it a little longer… how is Thursday already?!

Here’s to summer… filled with blue skies, quiet moments with Bones, country music in the Jeep with the girls, watching airplanes land and takeoff, thunder, fresh fruit, beer, captured moments, smiles, no pants, chips & salsa and getting caught in the rain!


The songs of the summer (so far)…




Cheers to sunny days and no alarms!

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