My Sweet Summer is Gone…

And sometimes you end up sitting on your bed in flannel and leggings, eating spicy pho, watching Eat Love Pray (trying to fill the void of missing Italy and dreaming of Bali), reviewing project progress and slowly writing this random blog post that’s terribly long overdue…

It honestly feels like a lifetime since I last posted… but really, life has been chaos. From the Kids Up Front Charity Car Wash, paddle boarding on Ghost Lake with the roommates, a ridiculous amount of events, Stampede, my ‘staycation’, wedding season, volunteering & running…

I feel pretty humbled by life right now… Surrounded by truly inspiring people. Being given such amazing opportunities. The realization of how truly far I’ve come in the last few years.

(but why did I cut bangs again?)

Also, learning to accept that life will always be this directed stumble… even in finding a path to do what I love, life is still complicated. Despite satisfaction in achieving (and perhaps some sort of high from it)… you’ll still find yourself in awkward situations. you’ll still grumble about a shitty run pace. and even with all your abilities/care, some people will still make you feel disposable.

You’ll still yearn for your adventure to reconnect with the beauty and passion that this world has to offer… and wondering if escaping is possible. to wander the world with a backpack and a camera. to sit on some rocky beach with only a coffee. to live barefoot as much as possible (yes, I do really find shoes annoying). To see the smiles in the most simple form, from those who expect the least.

But I’m grateful for the experiences and lessons this year gave me… it reminded me how truly beautiful life is, in all it’s different forms. A reminder that love is so precious and adventures let us grow past who we think we are.

I can only wish that next summer provides me as many experiences as this year… Here’s to a beautiful fall and scarf season…

My Sweet Summer is Gone…

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