a new beginning.

A new chapter begins tomorrow…

You know that moment when something finally happens after waiting for what seems like forever. Two and a half years ago, I started this journey… the goal of surgery. I was born with Duane syndrome – A rare incurable condition, that basically is a misfiring of affected eye muscles. Specialists, vision therapy and surgeries try to manage keeping my vision binocular (eyes working together) with a singular image.

It’s rare enough that, at 31, I still have vision therapy appointments at the Alberta Children’s hospital. I think that’s the best part out of this – therapy sessions include Disney characters.

But I have to put effort into making my eyes work together… it’s hard to explain to others… that binocular vision (‘regular vision’) makes me feel like I’m going crossed eyed… that when when my eyes do work together, I usually have double vision. Only finding remedy by picking one eye to dominate sight and the other to fill in. As the time passes, binocular vision gets harder and harder to achieve. Hence, surgery. This isn’t my first surgery and it’s likely not my last because surgery will never cure this.

I will be put under with anesthesia, they will operate on the 3 of the 6 muscles that stabilize my eye and then I will be woken up for placement with adjustable sutures. Being woken up mid-surgery is a daunting thought, especially for eye procedure of this caliber. But as anxious as I am, I’m grateful to have a condition that has options like this.

After waiting this long, I’m using this experience as a ‘reset’ moment… I, now, will have the luxury of moving forward. My condition had the ability to affect my life as it worsened. The headaches. The dizziness. The tired eyes. It even started to affect my photography passion; as my eyes began to tire quicker and quicker with intense focus. And I was beginning to fear the moment driving would no longer be an option because it would be too much of a risk.

So here is to… a week of recovery with some amazing family members, oversized sweaters and lot of sleep. And then, excitement for the ability to get back on track with goals.


a new beginning.

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