a little more me.

Inspired by a friend’s self-project, I started to truly reflect on my own life these last few weeks. Truthfully, leaving me in a little bit of a stumble with the basis of knowing I’ve been struggling with happy as of late. Understanding what works and what doesn’t work. What makes me happy and what doesn’t. What I have and what I’m missing. Solely, for me.

I realized I became complacent in the day to day. A busy exhausting chaos. Focused way too much on hurt, regret, who I think I should be and fear of underachieving. And failing to realize how much I was actually shielding myself from the world.

Taking the time to truly understand/accept that sometimes you just have to let go because dwelling/trying to fix broken/doubt/insecurity/loss/stress has the ability to kill anyone’s mental health.

So here we are… No phone by my side, spicy tuna avocado salad, a Whole30 grocery list made and a freshly designed website/business plan for a new project launching in a few months. A quiet Sunday spent alone. Everything I needed today.

A lot of changes coming in the next few months. But all ultimately focused on one goal… a better balanced self.

I’m about to detox a little bit from a few things: Tech Devices, most of my Social Media (Twitter, I cant quit you) and anything that makes my body not feel at it’s best.

Because this: I’d rather be present and see you in person than text/message/chat. So let’s hang out. Let’s chill in the park. Eat burritos (err… lettuce wraps). Road trip to the mountains. Adventure with my/our cameras.

I’m challenging myself to: build more strong friendships. stop eating/drinking things that make me feel like shit. capturing more life with my camera (less phone). finding new surroundings. learn to run without needing a race. blog here more. build a life that feels more satisfying. and not be so damn scared.

Motto for the post…

“Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~ Howard Thurman
a little more me.

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